Derwent Valley Tourism: Meet Freya Downie.

Freya loves the freedom of being on the land in the Derwent Valley. Her family home, Clarendon Estate in Gretna, is a historic property established in 1821. The property’s current incarnation is as a dairy farm supplying Fonterra. Together with her 2 sisters and 1 brother, Freya is the fourth generation of her family to live here.

At home she enjoys swimming in the Derwent River, camping with friends, and working outdoors with her dad – but cooking is her true passion. At 12-years-old she runs the small confectionery business Freya’s Delights.

“I have school 5 days a week, soccer and babysitting. I do a lot of my cooking in the school holidays.”

Running her small business also involves careful decisions about marketing, customer relations and packaging. Freya takes traditional sweet favourites and makes them her own. Dulche de leche – a divinely thick caramel sauce – is her best-known product.

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