Proctor Gallagher Institute: Following A Dream

I have grown up on my family’s dairy farm for my whole life in Tasmania, Australia. I am pursuing my dream as a 14-year-old to run my own business. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that I have had along the way over the past 12 months

As a 6-year-old girl, I loved cooking. While most girls dreamed of becoming a princess, horse rider or dancer, my dream was to be a chef. I have loved cooking from a very young age and being in the kitchen creating. I remember getting my first cookbook and chefs hat as a birthday present and wanting to make everything in it. I admire all of the cupcakes, macaroons, cakes, and designs whenever we go into a café and I continually explore and experiment how I can make them at home.

I met a café owner and former judge from one of my favorite cooking shows. He owns a dessert café in Tasmania and was well known for his macaroons and sweet delicacies with a twist. I had gone into the shop to have a look at his macaroons and I sought his advice by asking questions. My mum had to drag me away. I was so enthralled with all that he had to say and couldn’t get enough. He shared his Italian meringue recipe with me and gave me some tips to improve my macaroons.

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